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Be The Best You For The Best Him or Her

Be The Best You For The Best Him or Her

By TakeHeartTulsa - On Apr 19 - In The Tips - With 2 Comments

Before you set out on your journey of love it is important to reconnect with yourself. Love is not selfish, but you must love yourself and know what makes you happy so that you can provide the best you for your future partner. Why do you think people always say “you must help yourself before you help others.” It’s not just for airplane crashes!

Take some time out to reconnect with yourself. Especially is you have just been through a break up.


First: Start spending some time with yourself doing thing you like to do. Sometimes in a relationship you start to forget who you are and what makes you happy and you cater to the needs and happiness of your partner alone. This can make for a very unhealthy relationship.  By taking some time out to discover what you love to do you will learn how to make these things a part of your life forever. You may even  put yourself in a position to find others who love to do some of the same things!

What I love to do:
1) Cycling
2) Try new things around town (restaurants, festivals, attractions, shops)
4) Cooking (especially dishes from other countries)
5) Watching movies (old and new)
6) Going to concerts (all though I haven’t been to one in a while)
7) Watching live hockey
8) Driving around, whether or not I have a destination (singing loudly in the car)
9) Geocaching
10) Dancing (any form I can get my hands on!)

Second: Create a list of your best qualities and tape it to your vanity mirror (or use a dry erase marker and write it directly on the mirror, which is what I did). Read it every morning so that you will remember how great you are! Yes, I know it’s cheesy, but I’ve found many relationship advice experts who talk about this and there must be some benefit to it if so many people talk about it!

Third: A little advice from Janis Spindel. Remember to always put things into persecutive on your journey.

Live by there two ideas:
1) Things are never as bad as you think they are.
2) Things can always get better, especially if you work at it.

The journey of love can be overwhelming, but it can also be overwhelmingly magnificent. You must always keep every turn of events, setback and accomplishment in perspective. Everything you are going through right now and in the future is part of the journey. Every experience you have is part of the adventure and can be used to your advantage. For example, if you express interest in someone and they do not reciprocate, remember that they are only one person and they do not represent their entire gender. Try again with someone else, someone even better!

2 comments on “Be The Best You For The Best Him or Her

  1. theseattletheory on said:

    So true. I completely understand what you are getting at in this post. So many broken hearts on WordPress, I feel like I should link them all to this thought.

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